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This is celebs comics x-rated blog having toon adaptations of today's most popular movies and TV shows. All your dirty fantasies come to life here, enjoy celebs hardcore now.

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February 08 2010
Posted by pervnetwork  [ 07:08 ]

The Black-Eyed Peas are in for a different performance backstage ? back-humping their babe girl vocalist Fergie!  Apparently, Fergilicious became juicylicious ass as her guys took turns dipping their meatsticks on her tight loveholes!  See the complete set of this exclusive celebrity cartoon sex set right here.  Fergie had a wonderful performance doing her guys’ meat-mics, singing to the tune of wet blowjobs and a messed up gangbang!  Her full breasts kept swaying while she took a double-dipping session.  We’ve got more of Fergie and the rest of Black-Eyed Peas’ humped-ass scenes!

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February 01 2010
Posted by pervnetwork  [ 04:01 ]

Velma and Daphne just can’t get enough of fiddling with each other especially down in her cute pink cunts, so that’s why they sneak again when the rest of the gang ain’t looking.  Velma whipped out her trusty strap-on dildo after they played with each other’s bouncy breasts.  When it was time to make those pussies wet, they took turns fingering and licking those loveholes until their clits were all stiff.  In this cartoon porn set, the hot girls of Scooby Doo return for some raunchy lesbian scene.  See the girls as they all let lose and fucked each other like crazy.

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January 22 2010
Posted by pervnetwork  [ 04:28 ]

The valiant superheroes suddenly held an emergency meeting, but not because the villains are on the loose.  It’s because they’ve been too busy that they’ve been forgetting about their sex lives!  Yes, these modern-day savers are just like any other human beings ? they also have a strong craving for sex and cumming like crazy.  See Batman as he nails it down on Harley Quinn and Superwoman, while the Flash is charging his light-speed hard penis on Superwoman.  These hot-chick female superheroes got their clams heroically fucked by these stuff-buff heroes.

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January 19 2010
Posted by pervnetwork  [ 07:57 ]

Check out this Kim Possible cartoon sex pictures!  This cheeky hero Kim was gotten back by the baddies by tapping her cute young pussy!  Superheroes like her seem to forget that there’s something better than playing the good.  So the bad guys tied this young babe up and slammed their hardening cocks on her tight cunt.  Kim was just so helpless at first, but later on she’s already having an orgasm herself!  You won’t believe that we’ve got a lot of Kim Possible cartoon porn pics, but we’ve got them all ready for download!

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Posted by pervnetwork  [ 03:46 ]

Check out this awesome 3D lesbian porn content!  These nicely-detailed hot babes are capping the night of with a girl-to-girl lovin’.  They’re so into each other’s perfectly-shaped boobs that they can’t wait to have their hands full of those racks.  And this 3D cartoon rendition of this lesbian scene adds up more quality to this lesbian scene.  Check out as they made love on those massive juggs before finally making each other jizz by stroking their beavers.  These hot babes surely did it better than their real counterparts!  You’ll gonna get lots of nice high-res pics off this set, together with lots more of cartoon porn for your download pleasure.

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January 14 2010
Posted by pervnetwork  [ 03:45 ]

While the rest of Scooby-Doo’s gang were out looking for clues, these chicks Daphne and Velma hid somewhere to have a quick fix of sex.  They’re kinda tired of taking Fred’s cock in their pussies, and at the same time they also wanted to have some lesbian tension goin’ on, so Daphne wore her strap-on sex toy on and banged Velma from behind.  They also made their ways into caressing each other’s titties before pampering those cute pink pussies.  Check out more of these girls of Scooby-Doo in their nasty girl-to-girl action in this cartoon sex photo set, as they took all of their clothes off and made each other cum.

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January 12 2010
Posted by pervnetwork  [ 04:18 ]

How about a porn version of that over-hyped movie Twilight?  Maybe this movie’s just been waiting for a x-rated porn release, since this Bella over here’s been thinking of who to fuck between Edward and Jacob.  So we did our thing and why not get these three into an awesome threesome instead?  Check out our latest cartoon porn release, as we satirize this girl flick Twilight in more x-rated ways than one.  These two vamp boys tapped their human chick’s smooth ass rabidly as if they haven’t fucked something as hot as that yet.  Meanwhile, Bella’s enjoying all the double-stuffing of those hard wolves down her love caves!

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January 08 2010
Posted by pervnetwork  [ 03:52 ]

She-Ra has been tired of playing the heroine, saving people’s asses from the evil Skeletor.  She’s just like any other women who gets a longing for sex.  And since He-Man’s being a cock about doing his superhero stuff, She-Ra crossed the line and fuck the heck outta the villains instead!  Well, it’s a given that these bad guys are vicious in doing evil, but they’re just as vicious when it comes to fuck!  Check out this good cartoon superhero sex, as She-Ra lets down her shield and demanded the bad guys to fuck her pussy like sinisters!

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January 06 2010
Posted by pervnetwork  [ 08:48 ]

The MILFs of Desperate Housewives speak for themselves.  They’re desperate to get a throbbing hard cock in their depraved pussies.  But how about of they lick on each other’s pussies instead and make some pleasuring by trying on a handful of cocktoys?  And if it’s in cartoon sex, then it’s gonna be fun!  See the girls of this hit TV series as they spend an evening of all-MILF lesbian sex frenzy!  This show’s waiting and begging to be made for porn!  See them get their fantasies up by spreading their pussies for everyone to share!  Talk about awesome mature chicks from this show.

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January 05 2010
Posted by pervnetwork  [ 04:47 ]

Maybe Kanye West is still unpopular because he dissed singer Taylor Swift and all, but we paired him with this celebrity bombshell Kim Kardashian for a serious celebrity humping cartoon sex archive!  They’re a perfect couple for this set.  Kim Kardashian sports a meaty breasts and ass as Kanye West forced his black penis down her pink pussy.  She had a mouthful of that meaty dong, making it hard enough to pump her from behind.  Check out all of the cartoon sex pictures in this set as we bring you more steamy stills of fictional pop star hardcore sex never seen anywhere else.

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December 23 2009
Posted by pervnetwork  [ 10:11 ]

While the rest of the gang’s looking for clues to get that monster, Fred and Velma sneaked into a dark corner to get it on!  They’ve been exhausted and would rather have a amazing fuck, and since because they’re always horny, they don’t mind having another sneaky sex!  Fred whipped his hard dong and stuffed it up Velma’s cute pussy while she shoved her boobs right at his face.  See these two cartoon characters in this obviously never-seen-before cartoon sex gallery!  We’ve got the whole episode available for download.

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December 17 2009
Posted by pervnetwork  [ 08:05 ]

One of the most popular celebrity couples, Victoria ?Posh Spice? Beckham and hubby David’s our feature for today’s all-hardcore celebrity cartoon sex gallery.  It’s one of those days when these two get all horny and screw each other raunchily.  When Posh Spice bent on her knees, she demanded her man to bang her from behind, because that’s one of her most favorite position.  See them in more nice positions in their full gallery which you’ll only gonna get inside our members’ area.  Victoria Beckham surely loves riding her guy’s curvy schlong.

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